... and another wall collapses at Pompeii

22-10-2011, 19:34

Another small collapse at Pompeii: near the Porta di Nola, in the eastern part of the town, part of an opus incertum façade has collapsed. The collapse was in a zone normally open to the public; it is estimated that three cubic meters of rubble has fallen to the ground.

The incident, reported by Italian media, is part of a wider trend - this is the third year in a row that sees the collapse of walls bordering on the unexcavated part of the site. Almost a year ago,  Pompeii made world headlines when the Schola Armaturarum collapsed. Two years ago, a wall along the Via dell'Abbondanza came down. The problems are probably caused by moisture. Just earlier this week, the local authorities announced that they hoped to get EU funds of over 100 million euros for the ongoing reconstruction and maintenance work at the site.