N. Kellens

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Degryse, P.; Schneider, J.; Kellens, N.; Waelkens, M.; Muchez, P. (2007) 'Tracing the Resources of Iron Working at ancient Sagalassos (South-West Turkey): a combined Lead and Strontium isotope study on Iron Artefacts and Ores'. Archaeometry 49.1, 75-86.
Kellens, N.; Degryse, P.; Martens, F.; Waelkens, M. (2003) 'Iron Production Activities and Products at Roman to early Byzantine Sagalassos'. in a.a.v.v. (ed.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Archaeometallurgy in Europe, 24-26 September 2003, Milan, Italy. Associazione italiana metallurgia: Milan, 545-554.