: Wolvercote - view over Port Meadow (Photo: Miko Flohr [2010])

I am a blogger. In my evening hours, I write about, basically, everything. I do this in Dutch. My own blog started as early as September 2004, and celebrated its ninth birthday in 2013. Until october, this year, I was editor at ThePostOnline, formerly known as DeJaap, where I had been since October 2011. Before that, I had been editor at the now defunct GeenCommentaar since August, 2010. 

Obviously, I blog because I don't know, and because I am trying to understand. The best way to do this is to try and find people who (vehemently) disagree.  I tend to focus on politics, immigration, climate change, the European Union, and the uses and abuses of history in political discourse. I have (rightly and wrongly) signalled weaknesses in other people's arguments, and discovered horrible weaknesses in my own. Blogging is about being wrong at least as much as it is about being right.